Snowball 5


Snowball V is the fifth and the Simpson's current cat. The crazy cat lady threw her at Lisa while she was still mourning the death of her three cats that died in the episode. Lisa told her to leave because each cat she owned had a habit of waking up dead. When she was walking across the street, a car missed her and plowed into a tree, so she became unharmed. Lisa decided to adopt her because she was good luck. Because she best resembles Snowball II and to avoid money on a new dish, Lisa renames her Snowball II to forget the whole thing ever happened, but it did, and even though she's the new Snowball II, she's still Snowball V. In "The Seven Beer Snitch", her second name was Smokey.

General InformationEdit

Color: Charcoal fur, Light yellow eyes

Gender: Female

Age: 1-6 (real age unknown, but estimated due to the size resemblence of Snowball I)

Status: Alive (family cat)

Relatives: Proceeded by Coltrane

First Appearance: "I D'oh-Bot"

Major Appearance: "The Seven Beer Snitch"

In "I D'oh-Bot", Lisa adopts her as a sign of good luck.

In "The Seven Beer Snitch", she was fat, so Bart and Lisa followed her to discover that she had a second family. In the end, she left her second family to live with the Simpsons for the rest of her life.